How to Make Concrete Garden Spheres

How to Make Concrete Garden Spheres


Garden spheres add a timeless element to any garden and it is amazingly easy to make them. I love these spheres and have started to collect some DIY tutorials to share with you. 

Simple tutorial for creating concrete spheres.

In this video we show you how to use a yoga ball as a form for concrete. The designer of History Stones molds walks us through step by step instructions for how to make a large sphere or planter using this form! This video also shows him acid sating the sphere at the end!

The person who made the planter with a yoga ball recommends to use at least three coats of concrete and recommends quickcrete quickwall, which has strong bonding fibers for a more durable sphere. 



If you are patient then adding marbles to the concrete ball can make for a really unique looking sphere as well. This one was spotted on Etsy


These geometric, nature-inspired spheres made from hundreds of smooth river stones.


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