Hot Love Chilli Peppers


Do you love red, yellow or green? Pick your favorite color at any growth stage of your chilli pepper plant. However red and yellow peppers tend to be more fragrant. Peppers are ripe when their color is vibrant and peppers look nice and plump. 

Chillies are surprisingly easy to grow, and there's a chilli pepper to suit everybody's tastebuds. Learn how to grow your own chillies with our helpful video guide. Click here to view our full range of chili peppers For more information on growing chillies click here

If you have a good harvest, you can string your peppers and let them dry in a well ventilated shaded spot. I use dried chilli peppers on Pizza and salads and sometimes even add them to my Spagetti sauce for an extra punch of spicy.

My Chilli Pepper Print is Available Here

My Chilli Pepper Print is Available Here

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