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Have you ever bought a package of seeds at a local store, planted and waited with great anticipation for a bounty of flowers and veggies, just to find out your seeds must have exceeded their shelf live. Well, I have and I don't like having gone through all this work with having no results to show for.

Photo by Amanda Mae
So, when I was contacted by Hometown Seeds and asked if I liked to try their seeds my ears perked up. You see, I have never used mail order seeds and this little paragraph on their web site just sounded too interesting to pass on.

Photo by Amanda Mae
Our Survival Seeds have fast become one of our best sellers. They offer you peace of mind in knowing you have emergency food storage. It’s wise to have some extra food set aside for tough economic times that last for a short time, but what if the problem is prolonged? Now you can feel safe knowing that you have long term food storage. We like to call this “forever food storage”. Because these survival seeds are 100% non-hybrid, 100% non-GMO, you can save seeds from your harvest and have plenty to replant the next year.

I especially like the last sentence! So while I eagerly wait for my seeds to arrive, I invite you to give Hometown Seeds a look. Maybe, you like to plant with me and we can compare crops?!

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