I took this photo in Germany somewhere close to Sallahn and just loved the look of all the tall hollyhocks.

Hollyhock can be started from seed by sowing them directly into your flower garden.

In the garden, they need plenty of room. Final spacing should be 18-24". Give them plenty of room to allow air circulation and minimize rust and other disease.

Established Hollyhock plants can be separated by division. This is best done in the fall to allow the replants time to grow good roots in their new location before winter.

Hollyhock like full sun to partial shade. They will grow quickly to a height of four to five feet or more, depending upon the variety you have selected for your yard.

Hollyhock likes rich, well drained soil. Water as needed to keep the soil moist at all times. Adding a general purpose fertilizer once a month will result in bigger, fuller blooms.

After the growing season is over, Hollyhock should be cut back to ground level. To assure that the plant doesn’t get killed out completely, cover the area with mulch, in case the winter is real harsh.