Herbs in Containers

Container Garden

Photo by Enzie ShahmiriI love fresh herbs and often incorporate them in my cooking or in salads. In the past I would buy a stalk of something, cut the ends and place it in a small vase by my kitchen window. Problem was that it would not keep for very long, nor generate new growth.

One day I decided to plant some of my favorites right next to the kitchen door that leads out into the garden. There I had a large decorative pot that actually stands up waist high in a corner. I planted parsley, chives and some dill and some pansies, which are also edible by the way,  for an added punch of color.

Photo Courtesy of Wohnen und Garten
Now I have a little medley of fresh herbs de Provence at demand and a nice attractive planter within easy reach.


Photo by Enzie Shahmiri

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