Heavenly Lilac

Photo: Luigi

Every slight breeze picks up the sweet fragrance of lilac and makes me want to sit back, relax and deeply inhale. As a child, back in Vienna, I remember riding my bike along a a road that was lined with rows of wild growing lilac bushes.  Often I had to stop and join the bees and butterflies  in seeking out the beautiful petals, inhaling their fragrance and clipping some for continues sharing with my mom.

Ein Nachmittag mit Flieder ist ein Genuss für die Sinne (Foto: Ellen Fischer)Photo: Ellen Fischer
Now as I sit here writing this post all I want to do is pour myself something refreshing, step into the garden and just relax.
Eine Melange aus Gläsern in Blau und Rot wirkt im Sonnenlicht besonders reizvoll (Foto: Ellen Fischer)Photo: Ellen Fischer

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