Heavenly bamboo or Nandina domestica

A Splash of Red

Heavenly bamboo or Nandina domestica, grows everywhere in my garden. It is a lovely shrub with colorful leaves. White clusters of flowers are followed by many bright red berries which are long-lasting and highly attractive. Mine seem to bloom mainly in the fall.

Red Berries

I read some place that heavenly bamboo (not related to bamboo) does not branch and therefore can't be just cut back. If one-third of the older canes are pruned to the ground each year it grows fuller and shorter. Aha, that might explain while mine are almost taller than I am!

Apparently the birds love the berries as well and as nature takes it's course help to spread the seeds all over the place. This must explains while this is such a popular plant in my garden-proper berry management seems to be in order!

Since I did not know how to prune this shrub Hermes was so nice to offer a detailed instruction. Just read the 1st comment and make sure to visit his wonderful blog

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