Green Heart Pruning Shears


Pruning does not have to be a chore and the task is made easier when the tools are of good quality. Pruning shears, also called hand pruners (in American English), or secateurs, are a type of scissors for use on plants. They are strong enough to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs, sometimes up to two centimetres thick.

Green Heart Pruning Shears are made of a special polished carbon steel blade technology, 8 Inch, drop forged aluminium. I have been using my shears for several weeks now and love how easy they cut through thin branches. As a home gardener it is important that the sheers feel comfortable and having an ergonomic grip makes these sheers very appealing. I also like that they can be adjusted to fit my hands.

The company stated that the shears resist rust and recommends cleaning the blade and spring mechanism after each use with a slightly oiled rag. I have been doing that and so far my tool looks very good after repeated use.

January is a great time to prune indoor topiary. Prune and use a couple twigs and branches to spruce up your decor. 

all-in-white.jpg Green Heart Bypass Pruner Professional, Limited Time Super New Year Deal, Special Polished Carbon Blade Technology, 8 Inch, Drop Forged Aluminium $24.99 Green-heart


“I received these shears for review purposes and have been very happy with them.”
— Enzie

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