Flower Garlands

Flower Garlands
©Enzie Shahmiri

A flower garland dates to about 1275–1325 and is usually a wreath upon which flowers, leaves, or other material have been attached. These garlands are worn for ornamentation on festive events. Sometimes the winner of an event would receive a garland of laurels. Even graves were adorned with flower garlands.

Rose Garlands
©Enzie Shahmiri

Throughout history flowers had special meanings attached to them. For example roses, thistles and blackthorn evoke Christ's suffering and corn and grapes refer to the bread and wine of the Mass.

Garland Seller
©Enzie Shahmiri

Renaissance artists saw flowers as expressive of erotic love, following Greek and Roman examples. At the Renaissance Fair in Irvindale, CA flower garlands were sold everywhere. With their lovely ribbons billowing in the breeze, they spoke of Spring and festivity.

Braids and Flowers (by Portrait Artist - Enzie Shahmiri)
©Enzie Shahmiri

Girl Wearing Flower Garland (by Portrait Artist - Enzie Shahmiri)
©Enzie Shahmiri

There is a lovely book on-line titled The Language of Flowers by Beverly Seaton

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