Expandable Flexible Garden Hose


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The quest for a lightweight garden hose, that does not kink and is easy to manage has made me appreciate the flexible garden hose that expands as water pressure enters the hose. 

I am now on my forth expandable garden hose, and I have found that the life span of these hoses is about 6 months, before they spring a leak. However, I love these expandable flexible garden hoses, because they are so light and so much easier to handle than regular garden hoses. They do not kink and are very easy to roll up and store. 


This time I requested to review the Kelley General Green, expandable 75' Flexible Garden Water Hose, which has solid aviation aluminum fittings and a convenient shut off valve. The double layer Latex Core is guaranteed not to kink and I am hoping will last longer than my previous garden hose. The expandable range goes from 25 feet all the way up to 75 feet while under full pressure and then will return to the original 25 feet length after turning off the water and releasing the pressure. The solid aviation aluminum corrosion resistant fittings were designed specifically to handle hot and cold environments and to accommodate high water pressure and are guaranteed not to leak.

Kelley General Expandable Flexible Garden Water Hose, 50' Solid Metal Fittings With Shut Off Valve, Indestructible Double Layer Latex Core, Car Wash Expanding Garden Hose Guaranteed Not To Kink!


This expandable hose is absolutely ideal for garden watering, car washing, pressure washing, power washing, and a wide variety of other applications where utilizing the benefits of a retractable hose will come in handy. 

Another nice bonus is the sprayer that has several spray pattern settings. I received the expandable #gardenhose at a discounted rate for review purposes and so far like the product.


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