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Weeds Mousepad

Weeds Mousepad

If you have a garden you know that a huge part of gardening is keeping up with weeds. 

Dandelion, originally uploaded by misu / Mikhail Palinchak.

I could swear I am living in a bad episode of Disney's ' The Soccer's Apprentice' . The more I pull weeds and hoe the ground, the more the  weeds seem to spring up! Week after week, like a good gardener, I can be found in the garden pulling them, yet I seem to be loosing the battle. Things have turned rather comical as I can be observed wrestling with the more stubborn ones, slipping and sliding and falling backwards in this game of tug of war. Micky ~ Now I know how you felt!

Image courtesy of Film Reference
You see weed roots come in all sizes from those that are shallow, to those that are deep under the soil determined on a secret home invasion. Pesky weeds are all abundant in my yard such as Ivies, Dandelion, Thistle Honeysuckle- yes you heard me right that last one smells great, but has become a foe of this household. We speak it's name in a low hiss with disgust!

Weeds - Monochrome #1, originally uploaded by imago2007 (signed off temporarily). So what is one to do? Well the 1st line of defense seems to buy excellent tools. The sturdier the better, like my favorite the dandelion digger, which looks like a notched screwdriver and is made to penetrate the soil and remove weed roots from deep in the ground. It does a great job with the smaller weeds, but not the really deep rooted ones.

Flexrake CLA329 Classic Dandelion Weeder $8.16 Flexrake

So the 2nd line of defense had to be considered. I don't really like industrial strength weed killers, and was so thrilled to be introduced to the Eco Smart Organic Weed Killer. The line is safe to be used around children and pets and is eco friendly. This is always a big concern for me since my Yorkie is a teacup, always running around where I am gardening and second, since I also plant veggies in between my flower beds.

By using essential plant oils formulas have been developed that allowed Eco Smart to create a 100% safe pesticide line.

The company makes other eco friendly products as well, from Garden fungicide to Insect Repellent

If you like to learn more about how to combat the enemies of your garden make sure to visit The Eco smart Blog

EcoSmart Value Bundles provide savings on natural, organic insecticides and repellents


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