Creative Solar Light Decorating Ideas for your Outdoor Spaces

lantern lights in flower bed

With Solar lights decorating outdoor spaces can add not only light but charm as well. The choices of fixtures is really limitless since solar lights come in all sizes and shapes, from ultra sleek to fun and quirky.

Today I am going to share Solar Lantern that I have incorporated in my own flower bed. These stainless steel bronze colored solar lanterns are by NENRENT and are sold in a pack of two for $29.99 on Amazon. The size of the hanging Solar Light Lantern is 6.8"L x 8.2"W x 8.5"H

The objective for this flower bed was to illuminate the space without adding too many light fixtures. 

What drew me to these lights is the bronze design and especially the large light bulb. I wanted lights that ones charged can brighten up this small flower bed in a way that I only need two lights. Ones charged the lights stay on for about 8 hours and emit a warm glow that is truly lovely. According to the manufacturer the luminous flux is 10 lumens and all I can say about that is that they do lighten up the flower beds nicely.

solar lantern light

The lantern is suspended from a shepherd hook that gets pushed easily into the soil. The large light bulb looks interesting during the day time and really spreads the light illuminating the space at night time.

solar panel on lantern 

The solar panel is located at the top of the lantern and has an automatic light sensor function which turns the light automatically on at night and off during day. When hanging the lanterns it is important to make sure that the solar panel can get enough sunlight to fully charge.

solar light at night

Last night when I took this photo it had just rained and I am happy to see that the lights are water resistant and still functioned even after a downpour. 

unassembled solar lanterns

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