Cole Dawson Sculpture Garden

Intertwined by Richard McDonald

Intertwined by Richard McDonald

In Laguna Beach, CA , tucked away behind the Cole Dawson's Gallery is a lovely little sculpture garden displaying some of the Richard MacDonald's work. I love browsing through there and taking photos of the sculptures from different angles and at different lighting situations.


Richard Mac Donald has an amazing art studio, which is gigantic to say the least. He often invites performers, in particular the one's from Cirque du Soleil to do their routines, while he finds inspiration and sculpts the performers. 


The bronze sculptures are often larger than life and show the artist's fascination with the human form.  The figures are muscular and seem to fly through the space they occupy.  


I am captivated not only their form, but also by the expressions that he has given each of his sculptures. When the light changes throughout the the day and the morning dew or rain washes over them, they seem to come alive in this magical sculpture garden. 

thinker.png sculpture-fountain.png