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When the temperature drops and snow starts to fall, many nonmigrating birds have a hard time finding food. Equipped with several layers of fluffy feathers, and a healthy dose of fat supply that is converted to energy to keep their bodies warm, bird bodies are shielded from wind and snow. However keeping that fat supply means that a constant supply of food is needed and when that food, like berries and seeds are covered by layers of snow, birds are in danger of dying.

homeville birdfeeder

Clear plexiglass is easy to see through

I have lived in Austria and Germany where temperatures drop below freezing and have often observed my mom placing seeds in bird feeders to give these feathered friends a meal during these harsh months. Now that I live in sunny California, where it very seldom drops below freezing, bird feeders are not really a necessity but a nice way to attract a variety of species to one's yard. I love to watch birds as they take a bath in the fountain outside my studio and listen to them sing and spotting a new species is always exciting.


Did you know that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a fun citizen science project called Feeder Watch, where you can help scientists learn more about the distribution of bird species in our state? You don’t need to be an expert birder to participate. When you sign up you will receive an identification poster of common feeder birds, a calendar, an instruction booklet, and the FeederWatcher’s Handbook with tips on bird feeding.

There are many nice bird feeders on the market to attract birds to your yard and today, I am going to share about the Hi-Viz Window Bird Feeder by Homeville that I have just set up right outside my studio window. 

finch at bird feeder

My first visitor is checking out the Homeviile Bird Feeder


The product is a bird feeder (7.2 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches ) which attaches to the outside of the window by means of suction cups. Make sure to clean your windows first, so that there is good suction. It is manufactured in clear acrylic material and enables the bird watcher to view birds feeding in detail close up from the comfort of their own home. The feeder includes a tray for seed and solid food and also a water trough. The feeder has plenty of space for seeds or solid food and it even has a space for water. The overhang protects the birds while they feed. Squirrels can't get to the seeds either since they can't climb glass!

Hi-Viz Window Bird Feeder - Squirrel-proof - Clear Acrylic - See Birds Feed Close Up From Inside Your Home $19.99 Homeville Products  


I love seeing the birds fly up and inspecting the feeder. Sometimes I wonder who watches who and when I spot a new visitor I freeze in place as to not scare them away. I don't overfill and like that, I can quickly see if the feeder needs refilling. Since all sides are clear, birds can easily be observed from all angles. This feeder is a great item to introduce kids to bird watching and learning about birds that are native to their area.

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