Birdhouse 101

Ravaged by Time

© Enzie Shahmiri

Although rather charming this bird house will never be occupied because of it's many design flaws. In general bird houses need to be hung at various levels at least starting at 6 feet off the ground. This way you can keep predators out and attract different species while keeping the peace in your garden.

You should also look for a birdhouse that can be opened from the sides. This way once your tenants have flown away, you can tidy up and make the diggs ready for the next visitors. Ideally the top should also be removable, so you can check on the little hatch lings. Try peeking through a mini hole- won't see much!

Rustic Charm

© Enzie Shahmiri

Did you know that birds do not like perches in front of the entry? It is an easy way for predators to gain access to their eggs and therefore is avoided by the little house hunters.

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