Bird Friendly Berries

Waxwing eats berries, originally uploaded by hegtor

Shrubs that are covered in red berries are not only lovely to look at, but they also are an important food source for birds. The birds are attracted to the vibrant colors of the berries, many of which are relished by song birds such as the white-breasted nuthatch.

Crab Apple in Ice Storm, originally uploaded by Chris in KC.

Crabapples are grown as ornamental trees and have beautiful pink or red flowering buds that later change into lovely red berries. Many fruiting shrubs, like crab apple, winterberry, native holly, hawthorne, service berry are members of the rose family.

Deciduous Holly, originally uploaded by vallencrawford.

Deciduous Holly comes in red and orange color.

Winter Fruit, originally uploaded by f824fps68.

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