Peach Begonia Card
Peach Begonia Card
by isouz59

I just picked up some begonias for my garden. Begonias like a loose, humus rich soil mixture. One part loam, 2 part leaf mold, 1 part sand, 1/4 part small lump charcoal, 1/4 part dried cow manure, plus some bone meal at the rate of 1 pt. to the bushel is the optimum preferred soil mix (according to the folks who wrote 10,000 Garden Questions Answered).

Ok, I think I will settle for the less complicated way ~ rich soil, with good drainage and some fertilizer diluted in water and these begonias should be off to a good start. Begonias, can be pinched back when the flowers are wilted. This will prevent the plant from becoming leggy looking.

Caring Tips:

Taking care of begonias requires bringing them inside for the winter and keeping them in the shade during the summer, as they prefer mild temperatures. Keep a begonia blooming through the summer and fall with plant tips from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening.



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