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I just entered a recipe for Barberry Rice and that got me thinking that I do not know anything about this berry. So here is what I found out:

Barberries (also known as Zereshk) are the fruit of the Barberry Bush which originally grew in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. In cooking they are used dried and a favorite in many Iranian dishes. The berries have a deep red color and a tangy tart taste. They are very similar in size and appearance to currants.

This is how to grow them:
The shrub's slow, uniform growth rate keeps maintenance requirements low and its thorns make it an ideal choice for a barrier or foundation plant. Dramatic fall leaf and berry color add to this shrub's desirability with so many varieties to choose from, the barberry is suitable for any garden type.

Barberries prefer soil that is moist and well-drained but will tolerate many soil types. To encourage best leaf color, particularly of the purple-leaved varieties, plant the shrub in full sun. Barberries will also tolerate some light shade.

Source: EHOW

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