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Sometimes we need to getaway, but for whatever reasons a flight to zen is not possible. I read in Sunset magazine that there are ways you can create your own little backyard getaways, by decorating with a theme in mind. 

Genius! I do love that idea ~ Just imagine creating the above setting in a corner of your yard, with a cleverly placed fan and the sounds of a trickling fountain, make yourself a Mai Tai and you might just feel like you are by some exotic beach. 

So let's take a look at what exactly makes you feel like you are at a resort. For one I don't recall seeing furniture that has seen better days. Au contraire , resorts have often oversized furniture that is inviting with large cushions you can just sink in. Even if the above beautiful set is out of your price range, you can replicate the look by using thick foam cushions covered in a fabric that is fade resistant. 

Another thing that I have noticed when staying at resorts is that they are spotless. There is no clutter of any sort, after all they have armies of people who clean up. But with some vigilance you can get clutter under control. Heck is all else fails pile the clutter in a spot in the garden where no one will see it! 

Ocean Mural via

Ocean Mural via

Now about the view - that's a tough one! But think outside the box. If you have an ugly wall plant a pretty vine. Hire a college art student and have him/her paint you a pretty mural. The image above is a mural at the Lisbon Aquarium. The theme you choose for your backyard getaway will tie it all together and make much more sense. Once the mural is flanked by tall growing vines it will be framed and give you the illusion of looking out onto the sea. 

For less adventurous minded back yard retreats still think about comfort. I love oversized backyard furniture, so I can curl up with my favorite book and fall asleep. 

Luna Chair

Luna Chair

I really think that the success of your backyard retreat depends on how you can incorporate elements that remind you of a vacation.  Bring in bright colors, add props like lanterns, a beachball some nice background music and enjoy your newly created oasis. 

Teak Arm Chair

Teak Arm Chair

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