Ann Webb Pottery Designs

Spirals Designed Webb Raku Pottery Bottle

Meet Ann Webb the creator of Webb Pottery. She has been making pots for 16 years, 12 of those full time. A native of Canada, she relocated from Ontario in 2000 to Coastal Alabama, where she currently share a studio with Lowell Webb.

She discovered the joy of working with clay when she signed up for a pottery intro class. The connection was immediate and she says she hasn't looked back since.

Mostly self-taught, she prefers to work on the potter's wheel. She makes both high-fired functional ware from native clay as well as one-of-a-kind art pottery, drawing design inspiration from the world around her and is strongly influenced by the aesthetic and spirit of Asian and Celtic design, and the Art Nouveau Period.
Lotus Garden Webb Raku Pottery Vase 6 7/8 H

Purple Tulips Webb Raku Pottery Vase 11 3/4  H

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