A Beautiful Holiday Wreath


I love wreaths and every season I look for some nice design to add to my rod iron doors and fence. Unfortunately in California winters are so warm that fresh cut greenery last about a week before looking rather sad and droopy. But for those of you that live in cooler climates, this might be just the wreath to make this season. All you need are some fresh greens, preferably pine from the florist and a heart shaped form to stick the branches to. You will also need some florist wire, and scissors and a few pine cones. Berries or holiday balls are optional and can easily be added as well. 


1. Place the heart shape on a table and place the greenery on top. Each twig should be long enough so you have enough room to tie it with the wire to the base. 

2. Start from the center bottom and work your way up one side and then the other. It's best to have all branches face one direction.

4. Check and make sure that the entire base is covered.

5&6. You can either pin or glue the pine cones and small balls onto the wreath.

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