Trick or Treat  ~  Pom Iced Coffee

Trick or Treat ~ Pom Iced Coffee

Pom Iced Coffee

Trick or Treat? That was my first response when I heard Pom, a company known for wonderful Pomegranate juice has created Iced Coffee. Ice coffee with all the antioxidant health benefits of real pomegranates? It had to be a trick...


So this skeptic waited for the package. When the samples of Iced Coffees in Chocolate and Cafe Au Lait flavor arrived, I was totally surprised. I was in for a real treat! Cafe au Lait simply poured over ice, tasted great. Chocolate over crushed ice simply wonderful!


I love iced coffees, but due to being hypoglycemic have to really watch the sugar intake. All those iced frappuccinos and cappuccino available out there are way too sweet for my system and I usually have to stay away from them. Cafe Au Lait had only 20 g of sugar and the Chocolate 30g. Not bad! Of course, the best is that you still get a "health buzz" by loading up on antioxidants from pomegranates, without the usual pomegranate taste.
You can read the label of what is in the drink here

You should know that I do not get paid for my reviews and will only recommend things that I have personally tried and like. This drink is a big hit with me!