Quantum Crush Large Herb Grinder


I use a lot of herbs when I cook like sage, parsley, lavender, thyme, etc. Some i just scrape off the stem and some I like to crush into finer pieces. For that I use Quantum Crush Large Spice Grinder, which  is made with premium aerospace aluminum  The Herb Grinder is silver colored and measures 2.5 inches (that's the large size) . It’s a 4 piece herb grinder with a mesh screen for to filter through finite particles. It has sharp grinding teeth that crush the herbs as you turn the unit. It also comes with a pollen scraper shaped like a guitar pick and a protector pouch for storage. The lid is even magnetized so that it won't pop off as you are grinding herbs. To clean I just rinse it off and let it air dry.


•  Converts from a 4-piece to 3-piece grinder

•  Stronger and sharper teeth than most other grinders I have used before

• Sturdy mesh screen

•  Bigger chambers for bigger hold  

•  Aerospace grade aluminum

•  Protectors pouch

Quantum Crush Large Spice & Herb Grinder - #1 Best Rated For Spices, Weed & Herbs - 4 Piece Premium Aerospace Aluminium w/ Pollen Catcher - 2.5 Inch (Silver) $18.95 $25.95 Quantum Crush


“I received this item for review purposes in exchange for my unbiased opinion.”
— Enzie

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