Organic Dandelion Root Tea - With Hibiscus & Cinnamon


Every evening hubby and me relax with a cup of freshly brewed tea. We have also become quite the tea connoisseurs and no longer are just happy with black teas, but look for teas that are not only flavorful, but have  health benefits as well. 

Kiss me Organics, the same people who send me Matcha Green Tea Powder send me their Organic Dandelion Root Tea with Hibiscus and Cinnamon for review and I was excited to try it out. My brother used to drink Dandelion Root Tea for his allergies and swore by it, but I never had tried it before and was a bit skeptical about how it would taste. 


To my surprise the tea is not bitter, on the contrary the taste has a very mild flowery sweetness! Kiss me Organics added Hibiscus and Cinnamon which give the tea both a nice fragrance and flavor. 

Print via Beauty Everyday

Print via Beauty Everyday

According to the USDA, dandelions rank in the top 4 green vegetables in overall nutritional value. But dandelion is a weed - you say! Yes, that same dandelion that grows on the sidewalk or in your yard has a lot of health benefits.  dandelions are by nature highly rich in beta-carotene, from which Vitamin A is derived, making it the third richest source of Vitamin A of all foods, after cod-liver and beef liver. I know for sure that I can't handle cod-liver or beef liver, my stomach is churning just thinking about it! So in this line up dandelions are quickly moving up front.  Dandelions also contain iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, a high fiber content, phosphorus, Vitamin C, magnesium and Vitamin D. After my little research into dandelions I shall never look at them as weeds again!


Kiss Me Organics Dandelion Root Tea contains Hibiscus which has shown to help regulate blood pressure and Cinnamon which has shown to regulate blood sugar and reduce bad cholesterol. The Dandelion root help to detox the liver and kidneys from toxins that built up over time. Healthy digestion helps the body to absorb more nutrients and improve physical and cognitive functions and reduces bloating. I also read on Leaf Lady that in a study in Romania results have shown that Dandelion extracts can promote weight loss. 

Each package contains 20 tea bags each containing 2 heaping grams of naturally caffeine free organic dandelion root tea with hibiscus & cinnamon.

I noticed that after sipping this tea three nights in a row, it has given my metabolism a boost. Since I suffer from occasional bouts of bloating and Kidney stones, I will continue to add this tea to my favorite tea list. I believe in healing my body organically and this tea is so mild and pleasant tasting that I will actually look forward to drinking it often.



I received my Organic Dandelion Root Tea via Amazon and I recommend signing up for coupons and updates via the Kiss Me Organics website.

Organic Dandelion Root Tea - With Hibiscus & Cinnamon - USDA Organic - Supports Healthy Digestion - Aids in Liver & Kidney Detoxification - TWO HEAPING GRAMS PER TEA BAG- 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 5) $19.70 $24.99 Kiss Me Organics

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