Nautical Themed Parties

Source: via Enzie on Pinterest
Today I am writing about nautical themes and have been searching for great party ideas using that theme. With summer upon us, weather you live right by the beach, want to throw a pool party or just like nautical themes, these finds are a wonderful way to add a dash of color to your party.

Source: via Enzie on Pinterest

I like the little brown boat and the flags. These are things that can easily be made at home a week in advance or even as a little project with the kids.

Source: via Enzie on Pinterest

A dark blue table cloth makes for a nice contrast to white plates and ties in nicely with the nautical feel. Hurricane lamps can often be found at places like World Imports and don't cost much. Once it gets dark, the flickering lights create a nice atmosphere.

Source: via Enzie on Pinterest

Wau your guest with special Seafood treats cleverly displayed. Not everything has to lie flat on a plate or platter. Think about going vertical for more visual impact.

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