Dishes made from Bamboo

Bamboo Dishes

A while back a friend gifted me a bamboo cutting board, saying that I just had to give it a try, promising that I would love it. She was so right! Not only was my bamboo board lighter than the conventional wooden one, but it has also held up nicely while I do my daily chopping and slicing. To top it off, I had gone green without knowing it!

Bamboo grows fast and in abundance and I do not feel half as bad using a bamboo stalk than knowing another tree has fallen victim to deforestation. This environmentally friendly and very durable material item can now be found in flooring, crown molding, clothing, bed linens, towels, paper, and even cloth baby diapers.

This brings me to these cute dishes spotted in China Town, San Fransisco. Rather than using the dreaded paper plates or worse plastic plates, I am going to invest in some of these. I love the colors and being that bamboo is so durable, find these a great alternative when serving food out doors. No more worries about chipped dishes or polluting the environment!

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