Cream of Barley Soup - Soupe Jo

Barley. Soup

Persians use Barley in a recipe for Cream of Barley Soup or as we say in Persian "Soup-e Jo". The Barley is cooked in a rich Chicken broth and makes for a hearty and very delicious soup.

Barley, a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally. It was one of the first cultivated grains, particularly in Eurasia as early as 10,000 years ago. Wikipedia


Barley in a Field

My mom would cook this soup for us when we were kids and I always loved the creamy texture of this soup. Now, I make it every time I cook a lot of chicken. The chicken broth, with a few veggies and the barley added, is the ideal combination for a hearty and great tasting soup. Over the years I have found that Herbes de Provance enhance the taste of this old time favorite recipe even further. Give it a try, even though it is not part of the original recipe the soup becomes even more flavorful.

carrots and parsley


1 onion, peeled and thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
1 cup barley
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp Herbes de Provance (optional- it adds a lot of flavors though!)

herbes de provance

7 cups chicken broth
1 carrot grated
Half a bunch celery Finley chopped
1 lime
1/2 cup heavy cream

1. Fill a large pot with the chicken broth, onion, garlic, salt, and pepper, herb de province
2. Add barley, carrots, celery and bring to a boil
3. Stir occasionally and reduce heat to simmer until barley is cooked
4. When everything is cooked add the heavy cream and lime juice
5. I like to add a bit of parsley or cilantro as garnish before serving the soup.

Cream of Barley Soup
I found several great Persian cookbooks on Amazon. My daughter and I both have the Food of Life and really like the book with it's lovely large images of the dishes.

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