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My name is Enzie Shahmiri and I am the author behind Culinary Finds ( former Sur La Table Cuisine, which was created in December of 2008. I am a professional portrait artist whose love for creating beautiful things has spilled from her studio into every other aspect of her life. Cooking is no exception and every meal I create is done with love and attention to detail, served in beautiful dishes on lovely decorated tables. Sharing great food, in a beautiful setting with great company are the things I treasure greatly!

About the Recipes

I am half German and half Iranian and have traveled extensively throughout the world. My taste buds have been introduced to the varied cuisine of many countries and this has created a deep appreciation for international cuisine. Several of the recipes featured here have been passed down within my family, others have been picked up while traveling and others have been found in books, magazines and on-line. The recipes on this site are all labeled and a special "Search this blog' widget is there to assist you in finding what you are looking for. I love to cook and exchange recipes and often tweak them to fit my personal preferences. If you enjoy printing out my recipes there is a special 'Print this post' feature as well.

About the Photos

As a professional portrait artist, you have to learn how to light and shoot models to obtain great reference photos. For the most part, photos are taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II unless I am on the road and the IPhone has to do double duty. All of the photos on this site, unless otherwise noted, are copyright protected by me. I also sell stock images and prints, so please email me at artenzie@cox.net and let me know which image you are interested in.

About the Content

Maintaining an interesting blog is a lot of work, therefore all content is copyright protected. I do not mind if you like to share parts of a post with friends as long as you contact me, obtain written permission, attribute and provide a link back to Culinary Finds.

Sur La Table Cuisine is one of my youngest blogs, but it is already being recognized for it's content. I have created a special 'Press' page if you are interested to see who has covered, recognized or mentioned this blog.

My Blog List

I visit a lot of blogs written by some very talented and creative individuals. Check out 'My Blog List' -  I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.


I love to shop and try out new gadgets. The items that you find under "My Favorites" are all products that I have purchased and absolutely love. Of course since I love them, you might too!

"Visit My Store" to purchase one of a kind original artwork, prints and fun gift items. If you like to custom order a special gift for the cook in your home, let me know what you have in mind, email me and I will be happy to give you a quote.

I can be reached via Email at artenzie@cox.net

Product Reviews
If you are a vendor who is interested in having me review a product on Sur La Table Cuisine, please first visit Product Feature and Review Guidelines page and then email me. A list of product reviews can be found here

Looking for something special on Culinary Finds? Use the 'Search Box' at the left side bar. I try to label and organize the index as best as possible, but you might find a lost treasure in the Archives page. If all else fails, just email me and I'll try to find the post for you.

Comments are like a pat on the shoulder for a job well done! This is how I gauge how you like what I write about, so please drop me a line! I try my best to respond in a timely fashion to all inquiries and visit as many of my readers blogs as humanly possible. All comments get published as long as they are not spam or include foul language.

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