White Oil Paint Comparison

White Oil Paint Comparison

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There are many different white oil paints on the market and someone new to oil painting might wonder what the difference could possibly be. Let's take a look at some of the main whites offered : Titanium White ~ Zinc White ~ Transparent White ~ Underpainting White ~ Iridescent White ~ Flake White 1. Quality of Paint Well for starters the quality of oil paints makes a huge difference. Student grade or cheaper paints usually have a lot of filler material instead of actual pigment, which makes the white color appear very chalky looking. 2. Opacity Opacity the quality of how transparent a color appears. A. Titanium White tends to be the most opaque. B. Zinc White is more transparent and cooler white. C. Transparent White is more translucent and great for mixing with other colors. D. Underpainting White another opaque color which is ideal for underpainting. E. Iridescent white has a nice shimmering sheen. F. Flake WHite HUe has a nice warm hue. Winsor and Newton has a wonderful video that shows the differences:

Which of these whites is your favorite. Do you prefer a particular brand? I love to hear your comments.

Paint tubes silver plated necklace

Paint tubes silver plated necklace

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