The Palace Guard 1893

The palace guard  1893

Artist: Ludwig Deutsch
Signed upper left L. Deutsch Paris 1893
Title: The Palace Guard 1893
Medium: oil on panel/huile sur panneau
Size: 25.5x18.5in. (64.8x47cm)

Although the model in the present work from 1893 is different than the one used for the 'Palace Guard of 1892', many of the architectural details, garments, arms and armor appear to be the same. Working from live for this artist meant that he could observe minute details and capture them in his work. Thus having props, which he had gathered through his trip to the Middle East became an invaluable tool to be used over and over throughout different paintings.

The intensely detailed depiction of the guard enhances by his isolated framing produce a psychologically penetrating image. By capturing the slightly quizzical element to his expression, Deutsch conveys the nobility, strength and grace that were the essence of a palace guard. As the light glimmers on his mighfar's chain mail, the Persian brass shield leaning against the white marble column and reflects across the gold and the pink silks of his garments, it also highlights his full lips and illuminates his richly dark skin. The glorious combination of the guards majestic posture enhanced by luscious textiles, powerful and glittering armor enveloped by a spectacular Andalusian double arched entrance is an evidence of Deutsch's astounding dexterity.
Source: P. Cruysmans, Orientalist Painting, Brussels 1982, p. 115 and Christies New York October 2001 catalog p. 68

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