How to Make a Vintage Faux Wood Spool


If you like to style your shots for social media with vintage items, or if you like to make them for your own home for decorative purposes you might enjoy this tutorial on how to make vintage looking faux wooden spools. The process is very easy and the fun thing is that you can alter the shape and size according to you needs. 

Vintage Wood Spool Flat lay


I love to use props and create flat-lays and often  incorporate some of the items that are very dear to me. One such item is my grandma's measuring tape. It is very old and tattered looking and I hardly dare to unroll it. I would love to make a casing for it to protect it a bit more. Any ideas?!


But I am getting off topic ~, I wanted to make a large wooden spool for some lace I had to use as a prop for my miniatures. In the video below I share the step by step tutorial how to do it. If you like the tutorial make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to see more of my DIY tutorials.



This is just one large spool and the process is pretty much the same regardless of size. Look on-line to get ideas for colors and spool shapes and just follow the painting technique. 

wood spools 

I am going to make some miniature spools for an upcoming sewing room diorama and will share those via Instagram as soon as they are done. 

Vintage Lace

Thank you so much for checking out my blog posts, and be sure to tag me  @Portraits_by_NC if you if you have been inspired to try something new!  I’d love to see your projects!  




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