CRBRON 48+3 Watercolor Palette Unboxing

CRBRON 48+3 Watercolor Palette Unboxing

Today's bog post is sponsored by CRBRON
My studio is filled with all sorts of art materials and I always love to try out new products. Today I did an unboxing video of this 48 watercolor palette by CRBRON and thought I write a quick review and share my thoughts. 



packaging of watercolor set

This set is so nicely put together that you don't want to mess it up. As you can see in the video the set comes with  the following:

watercolor paper

  • Watercolor Palette 
  • 48 Premium Colors
  • 2 Refillable Water Blending Brush Pens
  • 15 Sheets of Water Color Paper
  • It's own storage case
  • A color chart 
watercolor painting


    I wanted to try the light colors, since the pigmentation in lighter colors can be problematic in inferior paints. To my delight the pigments of these colors are wonderful. Pigments look pure (no grainy look) and the paint glides on easily. The Watercolor pens are great to have since they can be filled with water, thereby avoiding accidental water spills. The palette is spacious enough to mix paints in. I also tried removing the color pieces and with a little tug, they can easily be removed and exchanged with new ones.  


    I love this set. It would make such a lovely gift for anyone who loves to paint with watercolors. Everything you would need is included and the colors are gorgeous. The pigments are made of non-toxic materials, which is good to know.  I did run into an issue with opening the pens, for some odd reason they opened the other way around, but overall that was not a big issue. I also love that watercolor paper is included.



    I would give this product 5 stars and would buy it as a gift for an artist friend. I loved everything about it from the packaging to the quality of the paints and down to the goodies that were included with the set. 

    Where to buy

    CRBRON website


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