What's in the newsletter?

Each Saturday I send out a newsletter of how I paint my latest commissioned portraits and paintings. I show you the thought process behind each painting, and share tips and tricks for artists interested in portraiture painting. 

The newsletter has become EXTREMELY popular with my readers, since I also share posts about my life as an artist.

How often will the newsletter be emailed?

Once a week every Saturday.

Does every subscriber win a hand painted digital portrait?

Yes, as long as you are one of my newsletter subscribers, you are automatically entered in my monthly free portrait raffle for a free digital portrait (Click here to learn what a digital portrait is) No purchase is required what so ever!

What about spam?

I don't like to be spammed and do not allow advertisers to place messages in the newsletter. 

Can I unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing is super easy. As much as I hate to see you go I understand that mailboxes can get pretty full.