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Today's guest on Notably Wonderful is Christine Pensa owner of Art That Moves. Christine lives in Toronto, ON, Canada and is a textile designer who has a lovely shop on Etsy. I asked her to share a bit about how she goes designing OM for your home. 

Christine Pensa owner of Art That Moves

Christine Pensa owner of Art That Moves

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I call my business Art That Moves because exploring the energy that happens when images and words or poems connect is one of my favorite ways to create. 

For my "Om for your Home" line I design and hand print original screen print textiles, letterpress and lino block prints. Everything I design and create is meant to bring OM or calm to your home. I believe inspiring words can elevate the energy in our homes and so I often use words and inspirational sayings in my work. I particularly love the work of the Sufi mystics Rumi and Hafiz and you will often see their inspiring quotes in my work. I also love modern poets like the wonderful Mary Oliver and the young but incredibly wise Tara Sophia Mohr. When I work from a place of written inspiration I feel creative energy coming off me like waves of joy.  

After I design an image and have it burned onto a silkscreen - I then hand print the image onto a plain piece of fabric like linen or cotton. That action transforms the fabric into a piece of art. Some days I may print only a yard or two - others maybe twenty. When I'm printing my mind shuts down it's chatter and I allow myself to flow with the ink. The rhythm of pouring the ink, running the squeegee over the fabric again and again is meditative and satisfying at the same time. 

Via Art That Moves

Via Art That Moves

In addition to bringing inspiration and beauty to your home - my products have practical applications. I have a line of pillow covers, tea towels, tote bags and bread bags - original art that's useful every day. 

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