Feng Shui for your Home

Bonsai Tree by Kittahroses

Bonsai Tree by Kittahroses

Feng Shui is an age old Chinese system of arranging objects in your home to invite harmony and peace into your life. It is said that your home mirrors who you are, the persona you represent and what you inspire to.  I am a strong believer that we have to strive for balance in our lives in order to achieve harmony. Something much easier said than done! When clutter seems to claim every spot in my studio for example, I know that I have gone off course. 

So how do you harness your energy with your homes energy? According to the Chinese everything has energy, even inanimate objects. Objects can block the flow of energy and let's face it, if you are the queen of clutter, outright keep you hostage.  So the 1st step would be to declutter your home. Take a seat and look at the room as if you are a guest. First note if you feel comfortable and then observe how the overall arrangements of furniture and decorative items make you feel. How you arrange items in the room determines the flow of the energy and you should feel right away if something is amiss. 

Buddah Statue by ilovelotus

Buddah Statue by ilovelotus

Let's start with furniture. A sofa should ideally be against a wall facing the point of entry to the room. The path into a room should be obstacle free. In Feng Shui the door is the mouth to a home and the windows the eyes. They bring clarity to the home and channel the flow of energy.  If you have a floating sofa put a console behind it to ground it. If you can't see the door hang a mirror opposite the sofa. It will make you feel secure and bring good fortune.

Chairs should always be placed in arrangements that are conducive to conversion.  People should be able to easily move around your seating arrangement yet, be close enough to feel cozy. A chair in a corner all by itself feels like you have been put into time out. However a little table with a small lamp or some pretty flowers in a vase will make it look the same seating arrangement like something extra special.

Look for coffee tables that are round or oval or have rounded corners. Avoid sharp corners, nobody wants to bump into those. Overall a mixture of shapes is good to have in a room. Squares represent earth; rectangles - wood, triangles - fire, round and oval - metal. 

Lighting activates energy and should be distrubuted evenly in a room. You should also display your favorite items in spots that you immediately see upon entering a room. The idea is that if you gaze upon something that brings you joy, your smile brings positve energy to the space.

Back to clutter - clutter saps energy! Find pretty boxes to store paperwork and pick up anything that blocks the energies path into your home.  Fix or toss broken things, because they take away vitality. The principles of Feng Shui are really nothing magical, but a lot of common sense principles. A comfortable room that feels inviting through good furniture placing and is visually not overloaded with stuff fosters good energy and can make you feel relaxed.

I found a few items on Etsy that can help you learn more about Feng Shui and I love to learn about any tips that you might have for me that have worked for you.

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