Days Gone By - Repurposing Vintage Images

Vintage photographs are one of my favorite things to discover when browsing through antique stores. I like the faded sepia tones of days gone by and getting a glimpse at a time that I only know through movies and book illustrations. 

Vintage photographs are also a great source for inspiration. As an artist you might be able to use a pose, just like the seated lady in the first photograph as a start off point for a figurative painting. Sometimes  an old world design, like crosses can be used to embellish a new product like Jennifer did with her cookie pouches. 

Old maps are another great source of inspiration. They can be easily incorporated in jewelry pieces. I used an old map in my painting of "Whispers Across the Steppe" . When you repurpose vintage images, the end results are quiet interesting. 

If you are unable to go to antique stores you can also find old images at flea markets, in a relatives attic or basement. A great source for old images is also Etsy, you will be amazed how many Etsy sellers have downloadable vintage images for sale. 

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Click here to visit shops

What is your favorite repurposed item? Where do you find your vintage images and what have you made with them?

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