A little bit of Paris in Los Angeles

One of my favorite things to do is to drive up to Los Angeles visit the down town area. I spend hours browsing around and was totally knocked off my feet when I walked by this theater.

I could not believe what I was seeing and like a kid glued to the window panes of a candy store, I was trying to take in this marvelous site.

A tour around the 1931 movie palace courtesy of the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Fund's "All About" open day in July 2015.

The Los Angeles Theatre, built in 1931, designed by architect S. Charles Lee in the Baroque style, is a National Register landmark located in the heart of the Los Angeles Broadway Historic Theatre District.

The Theatre was the last and most elaborate of the movie palaces built on Broadway between 1911 and 1931 in less than six months. When it opened in January of 1931 it was advertised as "The Theatre Unusual" because of its many unique features.

Opening night was a glittering affair, with Chaplin in attendance, scores of dignitaries, and even Albert Einstein. Outside, a crowd estimated at over 25,000 thronged Broadway to get a glimpse of the celebrities.

The Depression brought a tinge of irony to this celebration of sumptuous luxury, as part of the crowd outside waited in a bread line across the street. Today, it is very easy to walk right past this beautiful place. In an effort to bring attention to this lovely landmark, I wanted everyone to know that it is possible to rent this wonderful place. 

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