Flying back home again!

Flying back home again!

On this rather short and fast paced trip I made new friends, visited family and got to experience new things. Everyone here was so nice and made my stay very enjoyable!

Vielen Dank!!!

I experienced a German wedding and am happy to report that my painting of Mrs. Kugland was admired by everyone. Then I toured a well known German moving company, saw so many Wheinachts Markts (Christmas markets) of varying sizes and got to enjoy true German foods. I still can't get over the ice creams I ate in Hamburg . I think I might have to pay an over weight fee for all the pounds I have gained. I also mailed back a huge packet of German goodies to last me a year! LOL

The museum visits were super cool, because there was ample time to drool over several Jean Leone Gerome's, two Alma Tademas and numerous other cool paintings. I took plenty of notes and will write reports once everything settles back into a normal routine.

But all good things have to come to an end and I am also very happy to be on my way back home....


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