The Prayer at the Tomb

Artist: Ludwig Deutsch

Title: Prayer at the Tomb (la priére au tomb)

Artist: Ludwig Deutsch (Austrian Orientalist, 1855-1930)
signed and dated ' Le Caire 1898" 
oil on panel 27 x 23.38 in (68.5 x 59.5 cm)

One of my all time favorite paintings by this artist is the Prayer at the Tomb. Deutsch painted the tomb chamber at the Aqsunqur Mosque in Cairo. The mosque was originally built in 1346, but received a major renovation in 1652. This is when the Ottoman blue tiles were added, hence the name " Blue Mosque". 

Everywhere you look in this painting the artist has spend hours creating the beautiful details of this setting. The mosque has beautiful tile work and the tomb is decorated with inscriptions that the artist has rendered with precision. The main figure, that of the standing man is the focal point of the painting. Even though his eyes are downcast, we know that he is important, because of the coloring of his garment and the way the artist has chosen to emphasize his stature, by staging him right next to the vertical shaft of the tomb. Yet, he is not the only devoted person in the mosque. To the tight there are several men praying, weeping and in a state of lament, Even there the attention to detail is amazing. 

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