Funny Museum Anecdotes


What is a funny recollection you have from a museum visit? One year my daughter gave me an electronic gadget in the form of binoculars that would allow you to take still images and even record. My kids know how much I love to investigate each brush stroke of every painting I encounter, often sending fleets of museum attendants running into my directions with shouts of;" Mame - step away!" I don't know what's more annoying the way they call me or the fact that they are interrupting my studies...

Anyhow, when I heard that Forest Lawn cemetery had given a beautiful Bougerrau painting to the Getty for restoration and that it would be on public view, I grabbed my new gift and set out for a day of camping out in front of said work.  You see I love the work of William A. Bougerrau and try real hard to get those lovely skin tones he would use on the kids he painted. So it's imperative I learn everything there is to learn!

So there I was, at the museum in front of a heavenly image flanked by two guards at each entry to the room. I needed to get these guards to get comfortable with me so I started by doing the dance of moving up close and stepping back and scribbling in my notebook. I could sense the eyebrows moving upwards as the guards must have thought now what, but I also figured they must conclude art student once they saw the notebook. As this was a big painting, it required a lot of note taking so this went on for a while. As I sensed that my overseers where getting used to me, I decided to sit down at a bench that was right opposite the painting. I had picked a slow day for my visit, so I had a full view of the painting most of the time. I placed my notebook next to me rummaged in my bag and pulled out my binoculars~

My 10x25 binoculars have a built-in digital camera, allowing you to easily take pictures of what you’re looking at. I no it's very James Bondish! There's no setting binoculars aside and getting the camera set up, especially when operating on stealth mode. 

For my fellow geek friends you should know the digital binoculars have 16MB of built-in memory to store up to 75 photos. Fully coated optics protect against sun glare and scratching. Soft rubber eyecup provides comfortable use while wearing glasses or sunglasses. Adjustable barrels allow you to adjust the binoculars to your individual eye width. Non-slip side grips for steady handling. Includes lens cloth, wrist strap, and a mini USB cable for downloading your photos. Enough tech talk - let's get back to my adventure ....

Right away, I heard the rubber squish, squish of footsteps approaching and before anyone could come to close I held my Christmas gift up, gave my best charming smile and said: "I like to study the painting for a while with my binoculars if that's ok! Grin :)

Most people do not know that when it comes to art I turn into Enzie the secret agent, who will employ anything modern technology has to offer. This poor lad had no idea what I held in my hands, thought me harmless enough and stepped back. Most likely since he considered me a "Mame" to begin with he figured this old woman must have extremely bad eye sight and needs those binoculars. Love it when plans work :)

This left me with one little problem though. Electronic gadget love to beep and a beep in an empty museum room travels, echos and amplifies.  This meant I had to develop a bit of an allergy. With every sneeze and clearing of the throat, I would turn the gadget on and off, while taking photos and recording all day long. I must have annoyed the heck out of these guards that day, but that was the best museum trip ever! Thanks to my new digital binoculars/binoculars I got some great photos!

I love to hear what funny stories you have to tell about museum visits. Please leave a comment and share :)


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