The Gorges of El Kantara Near Biskra

Artist: Rene Charles Edmond

Title: The Gorges of El Kantara Near Biskra

Medium: Oil on Canvas

This painting is so full of color that I thought it warrants a closer inspection. The handling is not as refined as a Gerome or Deutsch painting, but it represents the setting in such vivid complementary colors that it's full of life and visual interest.

Biskra is located in north eastern Algeria, close to the Sahara. The area is arid and there are two large lakes, Melhir and Merouane  

that lie almost below sea level. This could be the setting for this painting.

Note the chromatic color choices and impasto brush strokes the artist has used in the foreground.

Some of the figures have nice facial features and others are just hinted at. 

Here is the entire painting. Unfortunately I do not know it's size, but I am guessing it must be large. 

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