Circular Composition

A composition is a design element that an artist employes in order to lead the viewers eye through a picture plane towards that which he or she deems the most important element in the painting.

In the above painting the artist has used a circular composition by elevating the models feet and her upper torso on the sofa in such a way that if we were to follow the curvature of her body it would make a half circle. In order to close the circle rather than using a flat backdrop for the sofa, the artists uses the rounded curvature to close the half circle.

Note also how the hand and the fabric of the skirt which drapes down are entry points into the composition.

When we consider that the subject here is taking a nap the mood would be considered serene. By leading us through the picture plane however the artist is making sure that we don't fall asleep, but rather explore the setting.  In my opinion the artist did a great job in employing a circular composition and bringing life into this painting. 

This is a great book to learn more about composition element. To have a peek click



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