Alphonse Mucha's Religious Art

Mucha Glass Stained Window

© Enzie Shahmiri Portraits and Fine Art

Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau artist called Prague home. His work can be seen all over Prague from the window in St. Vitus Cathedral to the ceiling of the Mayor's Room in the Municipal House. During a visit to Prague I saw this huge stained glass window with Mucha's design at the St. Vitus Cathedral inside Prague Castle. The scale of this window was breath taking and I just loved how the light illuminated all the wonderful glass colors. 

When I browsed through stores in Prague,  I noticed that there were a lot of jewelry pieces with Muchas' designs. His playful style was considered Art Nouveau (French for new art) and lend itself beautifully for anything decorative. 

Off the city square is  the  Mucha Museum  which pays homage to the artist. There you can see many samples of his creations that used to decorate items meant for mass print production, like menus, opera programs, etc.  I loved browsing through the museum and seeing all the beautiful young maidens he had painted.

The artist studied in Paris at the Academie Julian. He painted some portrait commissions, created magazine and advertising illustrations and was overall a very productive artist.  He is best known for the many young maidens he painted surrounded by highly decorative floral motives.

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