The Pottery Workshop

Artist: Jean Discart (French 1856-1944)

Title: The Pottery Workshop, Tangiers (L'Atelier de Poterie, Tanger)

Medium: Oil on Panel

Size: 13 3/4 x 18 in (35 x 45.5cm)

Artist who allow the viewer a to explore a painting interest me the most. In this pottery workshop not only do we get to see the artist at work, but we get to see all sorts of wares he has created from finished pieces to those in progress.

The vase with the drooping poppy is an interesting addition, placed entirely in the center I can only assume that it means something to the artist and is a symbol whose meaning we do not know and can only guess at. Poppies can mean loyalty in faith, but it stills leaves the true intent of the message an enigma. 

Exploring the workshop further the artist shows his ability of rendering different textures -  clay vessels a straw baskets, copper and wood are painted with great detail. 

Every section of this painting seems to be a still life in itself. In a way it also serves as a way to document the items that were common during the era that the artist had observed them while travelling to Tangiers. 

Depicting an artisan at work is a nice tribute from one artist to another and Discart did a wonderful job capturing this individual as he concentrates on the task at hand. 

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