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Painter's Palettes

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Many artist are exposed to a variety of color combinations used by their teachers and mentors as they embark on their educational path to become a better painter. Over the years, I have collected a variety of notes on painters palettes and keep looking for new combinations just to see how they differ from my preferred color choices.

In a book called "A Manual of Oil Painting" I found a palette combination used by Alma Tadema. Placed in order colors are:

1. Brown Ochre
2. Yellow Ochre
3. Naples Yellow
4.Flake White
5.Orange Vermillion
6.Light Red Chinese Vermillion
7.Rose Madder
8.Burnt Sienna
9.Raw Umber -used on occasion
11.Ivory Black
12.Emerald Oxide Chromium (permanent green) -deeper green than combination of cobalt and yellow
13. Deep Cadmium Yellow-used on occasion

Medium: equal parts of copal, linseed-oil and turpentine (for faster drying time reduce amount of linseed oil slightly)

This is a Fast Dry Color Palette, which Mr. Daniel Green used at one point.
1. Flake White
2. Naples Yellow
3. Cadmium Yellow Medium
4. Yellow Ocher with White added to lighten
5. Raw Sienna with White added to lighten
6. Cadmium Red Light with Raw Sienna and White to tone down and lighten
7. Burnt Sienna with White added to lighten
8. Yellow Ochre with Burtn Sienna and White to lighten
9. Alizarin Crimson plus Sap Green plus Cad Yellow Med - Use for warm Shadows - Deep Rust Brown Tone
10. Raw Sienna plus Black and White (Check this one)
11 Burnt Umber
12. Raw Umber plus Yellow Ochre
13. Raw Umber plus Burnt Sienna - to lighten add Yellow Ochre instead of White (Warm Tone)
14. Raw Umber plus White to lighten (Cool Tone)
15. Sap Green Plus ?
16. Thalo Green
17. Prussian Blue
18. Ivory Black

Here is the movie of Daniel Greene, which for some reason is not showing on my blog .

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