Creating a Brush-able Isolation Coat for Acrylics

This year I have received a lot of requests for embellished canvas prints of my work. When adding embellishments however, the surface of the work becomes uneven and blotchy looking. Since I work with acrylic mediums and oil  paints to embellish the pieces I apply 2-3 layers of a protective isolation coat as soon as the paint is dry to the touch. An Isolation coat is a permanent, protective barrier between the painting and the varnish. A soft,  glossy gel medium like the one featured here makes varnish removal and overall conservation easier and evens out the added embellishments to give the canvas an unified and even look. It also adds a nice sheen to the canvas and protects the surface from any environmental pollutants.

The following video by Golden Paints shows exactly how this medium is mixed.



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