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Alfred Guillou

Alfred Guillou (French, 19th Century) painted this lovely image titled "A young girl with wild flowers". The painting measures 21 x 18 inch and is considered Impressionistic. I assume because of the loos handling of the flowers. I absolutely love the soft skin tones and beautifully painted hands and just had to share.

This one "Pechueses de Crevettes" was painted in 1874, also oil on canvas measuring 6' 11.78 x 3' 11.01 inches. It shows the figured engaged in capturing a crab like creature. The figures are rendered superbly, especially when one considers how large this painting is.

This painting is titled "Adieu" and the tenderness portrait in the last kiss given by a father to his drowned son is so filled with emotion that is crosses the boundaries of the picture plane and grabs hold of a viewers feelings for compassion. Evoking a strong emotional response from viewers is not an easy task but Guillou has shown he is a master not only at portraiture and figurative paintings, but also at evoking responses from people who see his work. 

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