The Laundress

The Laundress

The Laundress was painted by the Austrian artist Eugene von Blaas. His favorite subject seemed to have been beautiful women and he truly excelled in painting them in a very charming style. His anatomical drawing skills were excellent as can be seen in the wonderful rendition of the hands

The Laundress - Hands Detail

His color choices in this painting are very lovely. He pairs soft blues and pinks against orange and other earth tones, which compliment each other very well. He has put the strongest color (orange) around the woman's head which thereby brings our attention immediately to her face. Then he uses the down ward pointing arm to lead our eye to the laundry on the floor, thereby reaffirming the subject matter of the painting. I always say that a skillful artist leaves very little to mere chance. Just like a conductor an artist uses his knowledge to direct  attention to the elements that make the painting a masterwork.

The Laundress - Laundry Detail

This must have been a very fashionable laundress, for her shoes are very dainty and pretty. What fascinates me is how through just the right touch he makes us believe that we can actually see her toes through the stockings! I also think that he uses the shoes to lead us unknowingly back up to her face.

The Laundress - Shoe Detail

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