"Old Master Paintings"

Titians FirstExperiment with Color

Titians FirstExperiment with Color was painted by the British artist William Dyce ( 1806-1864). It's considered a cross between a genre and  historical painting. I love this painting and the way the child, here a young painter is studying the form of the Madonna with Child.

The statue lacks the detailed rendering of the child, yet the folds of her garment are absolutely lovely. The roundness of the heads is achieved with the simplest rendition of light and dark tones, just enough to allude to a facial structure but not any more to overwork the sense of it being carved of stone. 

In contrast is the handling of the child. I wish I had a better scan, but the turning edge of the cheek is a nice warm tone that support the roundness of this child's cheek. A deep shadow on the neck makes the head pop forward. Now here is where I think the artists of the Victorian era really excelled. The amount of detail in the chair (note the gathering of the fabric, the difference in textures and all those flowers and detail of the trees. 

As I am painting away on my meadow I can only dream to achieve such mastery and eye for detail. Some would say it's too much detail, but I absolutely love it! What do you think?

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