Beer-sheva (Virsavia)


Artist: Karl Bryullov (Bryullo), 1799-1852
Title: Beer-sheva (Virsavia) 1832
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 173.00 cm x125.50 cm

Artist often looked to Biblical stories for their subject matter. "Beer-Sheva is based on a story of the 2nd Book of Kings in the Old Testament (11: 2-3). Beer-sheba was the wife of the military commander Uriah, who was in the service of King David. David saw Beer-sheba when she was bathing and ordered that Uriah be sent to a near certain death, after which he took Beer-sheba into his palace. As punishment for this sin,
David's first-born died on his seventh day."

Beer-Sheva Face Detail

Briullov as many of the artists of his time was interested in ancient oriental culture and the depiction of nude harem beauties. He uses a soft light to illuminate both his main subject and the decorative aspects of the painting. The contrast between the soft light flesh of the harem beauty to the equally lovely dark skin of the slave adds great interest to the painting. Upon further study, you will also note that the artist has balanced two dark areas, the tree on the upper left hand with the slave in the lower right hand side of the painting to further put the viewers attention upon the harem girl.

Beer-Sheva Slave Detail

As an artist I can't help myself for looking at every detail :) I just love the handling of this foot ~

Beer-Sheva Foot Detail

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